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Rafi Air Solutions LLC, is a leading private jet charter brokerage and on behalf of its clients arranges private charter flights. We work for you, this means that the clients see the actual price of the charter and on a separate line item see the broker’s commission. Offering elite travelers the most elegant charter fleet in the industry, Rafi Air Solutions LLC provides global access, maximum travel flexibility and personalized, concierge-level service. Safety is our priority. Only the top companies that meet the highest safety guidelines have been chosen for our use. All of our vendors not only exceed the requirements of the FAA, but have pilots that have been through vigorous training programs at the nation's top flight training facilities and possess thousands of hours of experience. Over the years they have a proven to be safe, Professional, and reliable operators. With access to hundreds of more airports a private aircraft can get you closer and faster than any commercial airline and in a shorter time. All Aircraft used by Rafi Air Solutions LLC, are certified under FAA Regulations Part 135. This regulation establishes the safety, maintenance, minimum requirements and operation standards for the chartering industry.

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