— Aircraft Sales - Beechjet 400A

Maximum range 3527 km
High speed 837 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 43400 ft
Length 14,78 m
Wingspan 13,25 m
Height 4,24 m
Passengers In main cabin for 6 with executive console or 7 without

The BeechJet 400A is a superb example of traditional Beech leadership in quality, reliability, and support. It is clearly superior to its major competitor in speed, cabin comfort, and fuel efficiency. Its supercritical type swept-wing and powerful turbofan engines allow a fully loaded 400A to climb directly to 43,000 feet and to cruise at 449knots with incredible fuel efficiency. As a productive business tool, the BeechJet 400A is unmatched in its class. The new 400A incorporated a number of improvements over its predecessor. A higher max takeoff weight and greater operating ceiling improved performance, while repositioning the rear fuselage fuel tank increased cabin volume. The flight deck features Collins Pro Line 4 EFIS with three color displays - two primary flights displays (PFDs) and a multifunction display (MFD) with a second MFD optional.