— Aircraft Sales - Citation Encore+

Maximum range 3297 km
High speed 790 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 45,000 ft
Length 14,90 m
Wingspan 15,91 m
Height 4,57 m
Passengers Standard seating for 7 or 8 passengers

There's a reason the Encore+ has been called the finest light jet ever built. Quite a few reasons, in fact. As its name suggests, the Encore+ has added even more of what operators loved about the original. Pilot operation has been simplified thanks to a new Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 flight deck. And the original Encore's 17-foot-plus cabin (5.28 m), one of the longest in its class, has been newly designed. Add greater range and increased performance to the equation and you get an aircraft that continues to distance itself even further beyond the competition.