— Aircraft Sales - Falcon 2000

Maximum range 5788 km
High speed 913 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 47000 ft
Length 20,23 m
Wingspan 19,33 m
Height 7,06 m
Passengers Main cabin seating typically for 8 up to 12 in a high density layout

The Falcon 2000 was born to be a fighter. Climbing 43,000 feet in just 27 minutes, this powerful twinjet can manage high, hot and short runways. It can climb above thunder in the summer and strong westerly headwinds in the winter. Trim lines and sleek design give the Falcon 2000 a strong airport presence, while a long, wide, and high cabin give passengers generous space to conduct business during transcontinental trips. And whether you're traveling 3000 nautical miles nonstop, or spending the day on a series of short hops, the low operating and maintenance costs deliver more to the bottom line.