— Aircraft Sales - Falcon 50EX

Maximum range 5715 km
High speed 955 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 45,000 ft
Length 18,52 m
Wingspan 18,86 m
Height 6,98 m
Passengers Up to 19 passengers.

The Falcon 50EX was designed to perform where other jets dare not go. Advanced power plants and avionics technologies, together with legendary airport performance, deliver the only midsized jet capable of intercontinental reach as well as the use of backcountry airfields. The Falcon 50EX can fly eight executives 5,695km (3,075nm) at 955km/h (Mach 0.8) non-stop and requires 1,437m (4,715ft) of runway with maximum gross take-off weight. The Falcon 50EX is one of a family of Falcon business jets which includes Falcon 2000, 2000EX, 2000DX, 900C, 900EX, 900DX and the latest member, the Falcon 7X. Dassault Aviation has a dedicated subsidiary for the Falcon family called the Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation. The 50EX aircraft has three Honeywell TFE731-40 turbofan engines each providing a thrust of 16.46kN. Two engines are pod mounted on the rear section of the fuselage. The third engine, mounted above the rear fuselage by two top mounts, is equipped with a thrust reverser. The cabin can seat nine passengers. The forward section of the cabin is a lounge area with four armchairs and tables. The rear section of the cabin is fitted with two armchairs, a table and a convertible three-seat sofa / single bed. Other layouts are available to accommodate up to 19 passengers. Cabin length is 7.16m, width is 1.86m and height is 1.80m. Telephone, fax, copier, computer, video screens, conference tables, satellite communication and data links can be provided. The cabin and baggage compartment is air-conditioned using an engine air bleed system. It is at home in the sky—seemingly striving to surpass all limits and constantly do more.