— Aircraft Sales - Hawker 800XP-850XP

Maximum range 4725 km
High speed 830 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 41000 ft
Length 15,46 m
Wingspan 14,33 m
Height 5,36 m
Passengers Typically 8 passengers in corporate layout to max seating for 14

Raytheon believes good designs never go out of style and thanks to upgrade made over a decade Hawker 800 XP continues to attract customers for its blend of size, performance and price. Leaving the original external lines intact Raytheon can cover over 3400 nautical miles non-stop. The current version is identified as the Hawker 850XP and was certified for operation in March 2006. The 850XP is identical to the 800XP except that it includes winglets which have extended its operating range by 100 nautical miles. In every respect, this is an aircraft that was �meant� to fly. It is at home in the sky�seemingly striving to surpass all limits and constantly do more.