— Aircraft Sales - Challenger 604

Maximum range 7491 km
High speed 845 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 41000 ft
Length 20,85 m
Wingspan 19,61 m
Height 6,30 m
Passengers Up to 12 in a corporate layout

Challenger 604 business jet continues the success of original Challenger manufactured a quarter century ago as far as an excellent design is concerned. The company incorporated the latest technological advances for crew and passengers. The plane itself is equipped with the best office technology. Challenger 604 continues to deliver on spaciousness and comfort through wide, airy cabin. The aircraft offers operators the option of flying 1000 mile out-and-back trips without facing the possibility of higher non-contract fuel prices from refueling before returning. Bombardier Challenger 604 corporate jet is capable, confident and infinitely versatile, allowing leaders to act with swift effectiveness anywhere in their world.