— Aircraft Sales - Eclipse 500

Maximum range2408 km
High speed 528 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 41,000 ft
Length 10,1 m
Wingspan 11,4 m
Height 3,4 m
Passengers 6 max

The Eclipse 500 very light jet is manufactured by Eclipse Aviation at its production facility in Albuquerque in New Mexico. The Eclipse 500 is marketed for pilot / owners, aircraft charter and air taxi services, as an economical and luxurious six-seat twin turbofan jet. The Eclipse 500 has a cruise speed of 694km/h and a 2,371km range. The Eclipse 500 can operate from paved, grass or dirt runways. The sound-proofed cabin is fitted with four leather club style seats, LED lighting, wood trim and tables and power outlets. The aircraft is fitted with a Dukes Inc digital interface cabin pressure control system and Seamech air conditioning modules containing vapor cooling and heat exchangers.