— Aircraft Sales - Phenom 100

Maximum range2148 km
High speed 704 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 41,000 ft
Length 12,80 m
Wingspan 12,30 m
Height 4,4 m
Passengers 4 passengers standard 6 maximum

The Phenom 100 is a Very Light Jet (VLJ) developed by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. The Phenom 100 can comfortably accommodate four passengers (maximum of six) and two pilots as well as several pieces of baggage. It has a capacity for 4 passengers in its normal configuration, but it can carry up to 6 passengers if the lavatory is removed. It has a maximum speed of seven hundred kilometers an hour and a range of two thousand one hundred and fifty kilometers, an operating ceiling of 41,000 feet. The cabin crew are used Garmin G1000 as standard equipment.