— Aircraft Sales - Falcon 900

Maximum range 7400 km
High speed 927 km/h
Maximum operating altitude 51000 ft
Length 20,21 m
Wingspan 19,33 m
Height 7,55 m
Passengers Main passenger cabin seating for between 8 and 15 or up to 18 in a high density configuration

The Falcon 900C is a long-range business jet from Dassault. The two-pilot flight deck is equipped with a Honeywell EDZ 820 five-display tube electronic flight and information system. The Rockwell Collins Pro Line flight management system is linked to two AZ810 air data computers and a dual SPZ8000 autopilot and flight director. The configuration of the passenger cabin can be customized to suit the operator's requirements. The 900C can seat up to 19 passengers, but more normally it is fitted for 12 to 15. The passenger cabin can be configured in three VIP lounge areas. The forward area has four sleeping chairs and tables. The central dining area can seat six people and has a dining table with two double seats and a cabinet with a foldaway bench. The rear passenger area is fitted with a convertible bed / three-seat settee and two armchairs. The Falcon 900C is powered by three Honeywell TFE731-40 turbofan engines, each providing 16.5kN thrust.